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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: Would like to help, but...
Date Sun, 17 Jun 2012 11:07:08 GMT
Please do not feed the troll.  Thanks.

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> From: Shannon Jacobs <>
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> Sent: Sunday, June 17, 2012 12:51 AM
> Subject: Would like to help, but...
> Feels like I should start by saying that I'm actually one of those weirdos
> who used to pay for shareware and such. I admit that I mostly used the
> freely available software freely and without paying for it, but there were
> also a number of times that I paid for the premium versions, and even a
> couple of times when I paid the ransom after the free trial period had
> expired. Unfortunately, I never felt that I got more by donating and in
> most cases the programs in question soon disappeared anyway. I mostly
> concluded that competent programmers aren't going to stay with that
> economic model. My best guess is that some of them were hoping to strike it
> rich, but they didn't, so they gave up. However, why would I want them to
> help them strike it rich, even if their program was great? I don't Las
> Vegas economic models, either.
> Meanwhile, I hate the anti-freedom anti-choice policies of Microsoft,
> Apple, Oracle, and increasingly the google, too. However, their economic
> models work.
> I would prefer to support you with some money, but I still doubt you'll
> survive. Actually, the Sun fiasco has had me using LibreOffice most of the
> time these days...
> What I would like is an option to pay by the feature on a small project
> basis. I would buy one or more shares in features that I wanted, where the
> project budget would include such things as testing and programmer time,
> etc. The new features would be selected as enough people agreed to pay for
> them. The structure I would suggest would actually leave you holding the
> money as a kind of charity stock brokerage. Some of the projects might
> involve support in various forms, of course.
> However I've been advocating this sort of thing for some years. The closest
> thing I've seen is Kickstarter, but they seem to be completely lacking in
> project management. My suggestion would be more like "reverse auction
> charity shares". Unless someone does something like that, I'm not 
> likely to
> donate again... I'm convinced the economic model is as important as the
> software.
> -- 
> Freedom. It's about meaningful and unconstrained choice, not beer.

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