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From drew <>
Subject First Year Anniversary - party CD
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2012 22:48:14 GMT
I would like to propose that we treat the 13th of the month as our 1st
Anniversary and would like to do the following for the occasion: 

There has already been a few CD requests made,
the most recent.

I would like to release two CD iso images, Windows and Mac on the 13th
of this month. 

Each image would include:
Win/or/Mac binaries directory
	English _us installer for AOO3.4
	All Language packs released with 3.4
	sha files for each

Readme file
License file
[same as the OO.o 3.3 iso included - these should be pretty much written
already on the website]

Very simple HTML instructions screen(s)

Pre-Made CD artwork
	Pre-made sleeve cover
	Folded cover
	Tall hard case coer

Some promotional material
	Tri-fold application information brochure sized for tall case.

A couple of wall paper images

Two posters
	AOO banner 150dpi - suitable size for a table at a show
	AOO branded reprise of the 'Free Yourself' OO.o poster

A short anniversary video


The immediate goal is a one-off project, with the branding focused to
this Anniversary (3.4 release), so I am not suggesting that this be the
basis for 4.0. For example though I saw one person talking about a
release party, and part of this is intended for such a use.

I'm not proposing that the files need to be on AOO (sf) mirrors on the
13th, though I wouldn't be against it all either.

I would be willing maintain a project for this at SF, the images will be
somewhere in the 400 Meg size range. They aren't likely big download
number, getter's :)

My itch, is to do this with the group so that we could tell folks, if
you want to make a CD, here is an image - use it as is, un-altered, and
your good to go.

OK.. I've assembled a local set of all the 3.4 release binaries and
started work on the other items.

For the disk related artwork I sarted from the OO.o 3.3 cd artwork on
the main website.

Also started on the small 'party' video.

[None of that is done...]

Items not touched at all:
Appropriate text files (readme and license) for the is image - the 3.4
versions of what is in the 3.3 iso in other words.

All the fine print for the artwork..of course

The tri-fold brochure. I have an old one from Andy Brown for a basis,
haven't touched it however, if anyone has something already and would
like to make a donation...that would be wonderful!

I could really use help with any of this, 
as part of this is the trademark ok, I suppose, part of that help is
your helpful and prompt feedback on that, I'll move as quick in the
graphic editors as I can.
also if it sounds like a fun week and you want maybe take of these items
to finish or help with layout ideas...let me know, we can meetup on irc
or maybe a google hangout, or such...

Ok - Again none of these items are done - so please do not use them for
anything other then giving feedback here..

.. I've got a preview of what I have so far at (no binaries, so only 64
megs) and the
svg files for the preview handy for anyone that wants to dive in also
available, just ping me on that.

Thanks, looking forward your feedback.


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