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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Rules of voting for new committers and PPMC members
Date Sun, 03 Jun 2012 18:48:35 GMT

The Foundation Roles are explained here:

Pretty much in line to what you are thinking.


--- Dom 3/6/12, Yong Lin Ma <> ha scritto:

> This was a discussion about rules of
> voting for new committer and PPMC
> member. We think it is more appropriate to let all
> contributors get
> involved in this. So I moved the discussion to ooo-dev.
> General process about voting in a new committer and PPMC
> member is here
> By far the practice is most candidates were voted for
> committer and
> PPMC member at the same time.
> And no concreate critrial defined in public for AOO.
> Your comments are welcomed.
> A comment from Rob:
> >If it were entirely up to me I'd have it be like:
> >1) Contributor -- anyone who contributes to the project,
> mailing list
> discussions, patches, translations, bug reports, doc,
> support.  This
> comes in all flavors and sizes.  We need to do a better
> job giving
> them credit and acknowledging their contributions.  If
> the feeling is
> that someone is not valued unless they are voted in as a
> PPMC member,
> then we're doing something wrong.
> >2) Committer -- The threshold question:  Do we
> trust their judgement
> with respect to the area of their contributions?  The
> move from
> contributor to committer is a move from RTC (patches must be
> reviewed)
> to CTR.  So we really need to have a sense that they
> are doing quality
> work.  Committers also have veto rights on all of our
> commits.  So we
> need to trust their judgement.
> >3) PMC member -- The threshold question:  Do they
> understand The
> Apache Way and our community-based decision making? On
> average are
> they solving more community problems than they are
> causing?  Are they
> helping others in the community succeed?  When we
> graduate, and our
> Mentors move on to other podlings, the PMC collectively
> needs to
> mentor new members to the project.  So I think the PMC
> is more about
> trusting their community skills rather than their technical
> skills.
> >It might be possible for someone to qualify for 2 and 3
> at the same
> time.  But probably not in every case.
> >Note:  This is not how we have operated
> previously.  I think there was
> an bootstrapping issue where we needed to have a PPMC
> suitably large
> and diverse to provide balance.  We also obviously
> started with a PPMC
> consisting of people who did not fully understand
> Apache.  That is the
> nature of Incubation.  But I don't think this approach
> is necessarily
> something we should continue with a year later, as we
> approach
> graduation.

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