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From "Gavin McDonald" <>
Subject Installation Experience and Feedback
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2012 02:57:33 GMT
Hi All,

Here is my installation experience, it seems to vary somewhat from some
others experiences.

Environment: Windows 7 64 Bit, experience was same of both Desktop and

1. Download OpenOffice 3.4 from mirror. -- Time: 2 minutes.

2. Unpack . -- Time: < 1 minute.

3. Install. -- Time: 2 minutes.

4. Erm, nothing e4lse, we are done!

It really was as painless and quick as that. Well Done Guys n Gals!

I do have a few observations that someone might think Bugzilla worthy (all

a. UAC - Publisher is 'Unknown' . The User Account Control really should
have 'Apache Software Foundation'
   as the Publisher. (Note that in the Add/Remove programs section shows
'' as  the Publisher.

b. The program 'Unpacks' to a folder on the 'Desktop' - Why? Really we
should be choosing the 'Downloads' folder.

c. The final installation folder is ' 3' -- I think this
should change to 'openoffice3'

d. During Installation the 'FileType' choices has 'Microsoft Word Documents'
ticked by default, as per other email
    threads, perhaps this should be un-ticked by default but still show the
screen during install so it can be ticked easily.

e. Once installed, clicking 'Start' shows ' Base' program on
the start menu, perhaps we can try for the main
     '' jump menu first or 'Writer' ??

That's it. 


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