hi ,everyone:
My name is An Hongyun, An is the last name.Since 2008,I have worked for the document format interoperability.
Now I am serving for the China Standard Software Co.,Ltd.
Here is a good news.We are going to open the UOF2.0 source codes which are researched for years based on OpenOffice.
As a Chinese document format,UOF(Unified Office document Format) describes the document format structure basing on 
the W3C XML Schema,using Chinese character tags.Now UOF has a wide range of applications.
UOF2.0 is improved more greatly than UOF1.1.It has a better structure, which  is  multi-file structure,including uof.xml,
meta.xml,context.xml,chart.xml,graphics.xml,rules.xml and so on. And UOF2.0 unifies the definition of the public properties,
supports the multi-language.
Until now we  have achieved reading and writing the  UOF2.0 documents by modifying the OpenOffice source codes and the
style sheets.
But I don't know how to open the source codes.Are there any steps or rules about opening the source codes.Could anyone tell me ?
thank you very much.
best wishes!

An Hongyun
office:+8610 51659955-3102
China Standard Software Co.,Ltd