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From Alexander Thurgood <>
Subject Re: [EXT] Oracle MySQL connector (was Mac OSX, Mysql native connector extension, and crashes)
Date Sun, 27 May 2012 17:36:49 GMT
Le 27/05/12 18:51, Ariel Constenla-Haile a écrit :

Hi Ariel,

> If the bug is on the extension itself, AOO developers could fix the C++
> code that was granted by Oracle to the ASF, but we cannot build it nor
> relase it: the extension relies on LGPL (the C++ connector) and GPL (the
> C connector) components.

Yes, I realise this, unfortunate though it is and I understand why and
how it happened, but basically, this has condemned major db usage on
AOOo to a long slow death, whether it be the mysql connector or the
postgres connector, both were external projects and so both suffer the
same fate. Back to Java or ODBC then with all of their performance and
feature limitations, ie. the situation of OOo 7 years ago.

> It seems people *do* still download that extension:
> Downloads: Today: 100 | Week: 1,612 | Month: 5,404 | Year: 230,495

Absolutely, if only because it still works with most of the previous
versions, forks, etc.

> I think that a good solution would be to upload a new version with the
> description.xml modified to include a MAXIMAL version:
> <dependencies>
>     < value="3.1" d:name=" 3.1"/>
>     < value="3.3" d:name=" 3.3"/>
> </dependencies>
> This will make the extension impossible to be installed in AOO >= 3.4

That sounds like a fair enough suggestion to me.


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