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From Armin Le Grand <>
Subject Re: Drawing layer performance issue
Date Wed, 16 May 2012 09:43:43 GMT
	Hi Liang and Antonio,

On 16.05.2012 03:00, Liang Weike wrote:
> Hi,
> On 2012-5-15 22:31, Armin Le Grand wrote:
>> Hi Antonio Wang,
>> On 15.05.2012 10:44, 王喆 wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Currently the performance of drawing layer is not good enough.
>> Yes, that's true :-)
> And what is the percentage it takes within the whole performance?
>>> Does anybody know that is it possible to use a mature third-party
>>> graphic
>>> component to replace drawing laywer for improving performance?
>> Yes, I know that it's not s easy. I'm preparing this for years. Do not
>> forget that DrawingLayer has many components (model, viewer to which
>> you probably refer, controller) and is used hardcoded from 14 users
>> (not only the visible apps, also dialogs, helpers, etc.). Also it's
>> used on (at least) five systems. It's going in the right direction,
>> but is ongoing work which will need some more time. I'm on it...
>> HTH!
> I'm interested in it,too. Could you please introduce the work that you
> have done and the plan in the future? Thanks!

I am working on the code for 15 years, concentrating on the 
DrawingLayer. I have added primitives (see and e.g. the 
new SVG import based on them. All graphic rendering is done using 
primitives now (leaded to AntiAliasing). I am currently working on aw080 
which will make further deep core changes (preparing some docu on it 
currently, will send a note if done) the code is at This 
will bring us closer to more safe DrawingLayer core objects.

The future plan is to:
- convert as many as possible components to primitive usage, e.g. 
SlideShow, exports (PDF, SVG, printing, ...)
- Implement generic system-specific renderers for visualisation of 

Of course the prerequisite is to have all graphical output based on 
primitives. Draw/Impress is, Chart is, DrawingLayer objects in Writer 
and Calc are. Missing is EditEngine in edit mode, cells and text in 
calc, text in writer.


>>> Antonio.Wang
>> Sincerely,
>> Armin
>> --
>> ALG


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