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From Armin Le Grand <>
Subject Re: APPR is enabled with AOO3.4 on Ubuntu 11.04
Date Fri, 04 May 2012 11:36:32 GMT
	Hi Chao Huang,

just one remark; when you are at it, could you also take the chance to 
open the SVG results in AOO3.4 directly, not only in firefox? I guess 
these would be very good test files for seeing if all works well with 
the new SVG feature. I'm always interested when there should be problems...

On 04.05.2012 11:18, Chao Huang wrote:
> hi, all
> I'm working on adapting APPR against the latest OpenOffice - Apache
> OpenOffice 3.4 on Ubuntu 11.04. At right now, APPR can work with AOO 3.4 on
> Ubuntu to get performance data, such as "Startup", "LoadFile" and
> "PlaySlide".
> In general, the following 3rd parts should be installed to run APPR.
>     - gawk
>     - bash
>     - libperl-dev
>     - libyaml-perl
>     - SVG
>     - XML::Mini
>     - XML::Simple
> The patch file for "sal\rtl\source\makefile" should be updated, due to the
> change on the original file. I replaced "svgdisplay" with "firefox" to show
> the result in SVG file. If you have a recommended one, please update the
> wiki
> Thanks!
> Another thing in todo list is to find resource about *VTune*. If I can get
> the installation package for VTune, I will try to enable it and test it in
> The next step for me is to run APPR against AOO 3.4 with sample file to
> generate performance report. It may be the performance baseline in AOO 3.4.
> But I know nothing about how to use APPR in OO's formal test. Is there
> anyone who can share the guide/script/expereince?
> Any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks!


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