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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Download stats script (in progress)
Date Fri, 11 May 2012 03:06:46 GMT
SourceForge has a nice REST API to query for download stats and return
them in JSON objections.  Unfortunately, our directory structure for
AOO 3.4 is rather odd, with English downloads in one place,
translations in another directory, and mixing hashes, installs and
languages packs altogether.  So getting these stats is a little
painful.  You can't just get the numbers of a single directory and be
done.  It is more complicated than that.

Also, the SF API seems to be rate limited, or at least I'm getting
errors if I query it too much.  That's understandable.

So.... I'm coding a simple download stats app, in python, that will
collect together all the relevant stats and produce reports.  It
caches on disk JSON objects that have already been retrieved, which
eliminates the throttling issues as well as greatly improves

Not quite done, but I'll check it in (where?) when it is fully
debugged and validated.  My goal is to have solid numbers for the one
week mark next Tuesday.  And from what I'm seeing so far, the numbers
will be amazing.

But two quick questions to help me finish this:

1) Historically, what did OOo report as "downloads"?  Was this just a
count of full installs?  Or language packs as well?

2) It is easy to produce downloads by language and platform, since our
installs are already defined that way.  But I can also report
per-country.  Is that interesting to anyone?   For example, in Canada,
the most popular downloads are X, Y, Z.


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