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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Setting Up Official Taiwan
Date Sun, 06 May 2012 20:44:35 GMT
On Sun, May 6, 2012 at 11:34 AM, Shane Curcuru <> wrote:
> It's great to see so many volunteers working at setting up social media
> accounts for the podling in various cultures.  I'm definitely +1 for PPMC
> members working on the lists to setup new accounts - presuming that we also
> have the volunteers to put some relevant content on them.  It sounds like
> imacat will do just fine on this one.  8-)
> Given the likely increase in these requests, I hope to have some more
> detailed best practices and a few requirements for social media accounts
> that are labeled as official; i.e. are run by the project itself (versus the
> many other accounts run by individuals about our projects).
> Basic guidelines would include:
> - (P)PMC approval.  You're already handling this one here on the lists,
> great!
> - PPMC ownership.  More than one PPMC member should be able to fully
> administer the account.  A best practice is to have several PPMC members
> being able to post to the account at will, and to have a basic agreement at
> keeping the PPMC apprised of the administrator list and allowing other PPMC
> members to join as authors or administrators.
> - A note on the homepage of the social media account/page/whatever noting
> that it is run my PPMC members from the AOO project.
> - A link back from the AOO site itself to the account.  This is a key way
> that we can inform users of which social media accounts truly could speak
> for the project or not.  I.e. any "official" accounts the PPMC approves and
> manages should be linked directly to from someplace on our website.  Any
> other, non-PPMC accounts could also be linked, but on our website we can let
> users know which ones we run versus third parties.
> Comments on these guidelines?

I've been making similar assumptions as well.  I was going to write
them for the project, along with some further, guidelines, not policy
related.   (Think of our mailing list guidelines, but translated into
a social networking context).  But it would be great to get this
defined ASF-wide

> - Shane
> On 2012-05-06 11:05 AM, imacat wrote:
>> Dear all,
>>     I would like to propose setting up three official Apache OpenOffice
>> social media accounts for the Taiwan local community:
>>      1. I would like to set up the Facebook group:
>>     as the official Apache OpenOffice Taiwan Facebook users' group.  It
>> is a Facebook group started since 2010/12, and is the current Facebook
>> group for our local community.
>>      2. I would also like to set up an official Apache OpenOffice Taiwan
>> Plurk account, too (whether @apacheoo or @apacheootw is not decided
>> yet.)  Plurk is the most popular micro-blogging service here in Taiwan,
>> and is even more active than Facebook.
>>      3. I do not know if this is appropriate.  I would like to set up an
>> official Apache OpenOffice Taiwan blog.  That may be apacheoo-tw on
>> blogspot.  It shall contain Apache OpenOffice announcements, as well as
>> local news.  Please tell me if there are other suggestions on this.

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