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From Rob Weir <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] "Get it here" community download promotion program
Date Sun, 13 May 2012 14:45:45 GMT
We get regular requests from individuals and companies that want to
add a link to the AOO download, and to use the logo with it.  These
range from websites of individual users, to websites that aggregate
download links for many open source projects.

Currently, requesting and receiving such permission requires a request
to the PMC, approval and then additional approval by the Apache VP

I'd like to propose a streamlined approach where we can give blanket
permission, without an additional request, for using a specific logo
(the one that Drew designed) for a specific download situation.  If
there are no objections from the PMC, and we get a +1 from
Trademarks@, I'll write this up on the website.

=Use of the Apache OpenOffice Download Promotion Logo=

Anyone, without additional permission from this project, may use the
following logo subject to the following conditions:

The logo:

[NB. We should move this to a more memorable location]


1. The logo may not be modified except to resize it.  If translations
of the "Get it here!" text are required, send a request to the ooo-dev
list and we can provide a translated version for you.

2. The image must be linked to one of:

a) the webpage
b) one of the official Native Language pages at, e.g.,
c) the download page for Apache OpenOffice: or

3. The logo must not link to a specific download file or mirror.  This
causes problems with load balancing and fallbacks and may prevent
users from getting the latest version of OpenOffice.

4. Any use Apache-owned logos beyond the above is not covered by this
program an must be explicitly requested from the ASF.

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