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From Kevin Grignon <>
Subject Re: [USER EXPERIENCE] Double clicking file name of minimized document
Date Fri, 18 May 2012 05:42:45 GMT

If your goal is to bring the minimized window into input focus, then
Dennis's advice is sound - just single click.

If your goal is different, could you please share more details of what you
want to do.


On Friday, May 18, 2012, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:

> Um, on Windows, the easy (and only recommended) way to restore is to
> single-click the file on the task bar.  Or you can use Alt-Tab and other
> techniques to cycle through the open documents and restore the one you want
> by selecting it among those displayed.  (In some applications, you can get
> to any document instance, minimized or not, via a "Window" menu option, but
> it means you need the some application window restored to get the menu.)
> I imagine that double-clicking on the file name in the documents directory
> location (understood to be a request to open/launch the resource) runs into
> the lock on the already-open file and, since the lock is from a running
> instance, it simply ignores the second open attempt.  This appears to be
> application-specific behavior and is probably an expedient solution that
> doesn't require separating out edge cases (file being open and locked in a
> different application than the one associated with the file name, for
> example).  I suggest that the current behavior is preferable to a typical
> default behavior when an already-locked document is encountered (for some
> apps: offer to open read-only, over-ride the lock, or cancel).  I suppose
> another option would be to drop the current instance and open the document
> anew.
> You are welcome to make a feature request in the Bugzilla.  Please be
> specific about which operating systems you want the behavior on, because I
> don't think what you are asking for is "usual" for Windows.  I have seen
> the Microsoft Office behavior you describe.  It takes great care to get it
> right.  I suspect the behavior was added to protect users from opening two
> instances on the same document and/or not simply report that the document
> is already open in some/the application.
>  - Dennis
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> From: Hans Zybura [ <javascript:;>]
> Sent: Thursday, May 17, 2012 05:44
> To: <javascript:;>
> Subject: [USER EXPERIENCE] Double clicking file name of minimized document
> Currently with AOO 3.4, double-clicking a file name of an open document
> that
> has its document window minimized or in the background does not change the
> state of the document window at all. The only result on Windows is the
> mouse
> pointer changing to hourglass for a short time - nothing else happens. The
> same is true with earlier Versions of OOo. This is inconvenient and unusual
> behavior.
> I didn't test this with AOO 3.4 on MacOs and Linux, but earlier Versions of
> OOo showed similar results when double clicking file names of minimized
> document windows on both OS's,  i.e. nothing happened at all.
> Propose (target AOO 3.5): Double-clicking a [file name of | icon of | link
> to] a minimized document should result in restoring the document window to
> its previous size and position, make it the topmost window and give it the
> focus. If not minimized but in the background, make it the topmost window
> and give it the focus.
> Most applications on Windows (AFAIK on MacOS and Linux, too) handle it the
> way I propose. Some applications, e.g. Microsoft Excel, will additionally
> ask whether they should re-open the document and warn that unsaved changes
> may be lost then. I don't think the Excel way is better.
> Any comments on this before I write an issue in bugzilla?
> Regards, Hans Zybura

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