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From Tor Lillqvist <>
Subject Re: Fwd: Performance!
Date Thu, 10 May 2012 16:32:03 GMT
> Note that this might not have been found (or fixed), without choice
> and competition in the market, provided by Apache OpenOffice.   So
> already, AOO 3.4 barely a day old, and we've already helped improve
> LibreOffice.

Note that the bug Caolán's message is about was reported on 2012-03-21
 and fixed on 2012-05-03  in the development branch ("master"). I.e.
long before your 3.4 release. Caolán's message is about cherry-picking
that fix also to our stable 3.5 branch.

Also note that the change that caused the slowdown was a sanity check
against malformed document files, so it is a *good* thing that LO has
that change.

(Without the actual sample doc used by the blogger who caused this
thread, we don't know if that is the same performance problem.)


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