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From Tsutomu Uchino <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Starting the graduation process
Date Tue, 29 May 2012 03:18:44 GMT
2012/5/29 Rob Weir <>:
> On Mon, May 28, 2012 at 10:44 PM, Tsutomu Uchino <> wrote:
>> Hi, Rob
>> 2012/5/29 Rob Weir <>:
>> ...
>>> You could be in error.  I hope you acknowledge that as a possibility.
>>> I could be in error s well.  So what either one of us believes is not
>>> really the point, is it?  Thus the suggestion to clarify the policy.
>>>> Category-B tarballs are there in an attempt to work around the
>>>> fact that we are only supposed to be using binaries.
>>> The restriction concerning category-b binaries is a restriction on releases.
>>>> No other Apache project is carrying sources and patches to
>>>> MPL'd tarballs in the repositories and, other than the
>>>> configure option, we are giving them basically the same
>>>> treatment as Category-A.
>>> We're not including category-b source in releases.  If we learned
>>> anything in the last year I'd hope we learned that this was an
>>> important distinction.
>> Release includes some JavaScript source having MPL header from moz module
>> in and greprefs directories.
> The distinction between source and binary breaks down with interpreted
> languages like Javascript.  In such cases the distinction would be
> between what we include in our released source tarballs versus what we
> include in our released binary install sets.  We may include
> category-b in our binary packages, even if they are in Javascript,
> though we may not include the same in our source packages.
Thanks  to make it clear. In category-b section has the following
paragraph. I thought "ASF product" includes binary release.
But if it is not, I have no more concern among these files.
>"Note that works written in a scripting language without a binary form cannot be included
in any ASF product under one of these licenses (see Transition and Exceptions)."

-- Tsutomu

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