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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: CWS licensing query ...
Date Thu, 03 May 2012 08:42:54 GMT
A small number of people have approached me offlist, as a mentor, with
concerns that the PPMC might be missing important CWSs. As a mentor I
want to make it clear I have *no* opinion on the technical aspect of
this project and the communications have not included any specific
requests. Personally I feel the message in my text below has already
been communicated. However, since I have offlist communications I will
speak onlist in reply and thus make this opinion explicit.

If anyone on this list believes a *specific* CWS is valuable as the
project as it moves forwards then here is what to do...

Go to our repository and look to see if it is already there (Dave gave
an example in this thread).

Remember, as Rob and Pedro point out absence from the 3.4 release does
not mean absence from our repositories so please check this first.

If it is not there please check our mail archives, as Rob suggests, to
see if the CWS was not included for good reason (if it was not
explicitly discussed it may have been missed).

If you still believe it is being missed (or you have new input to the
discussion) post in a *new* thread saying "I believe XYZ is important,
how do I go about ensuring the code lands here". In that thread build
consensus that the code is needed and seek guidance on how to get it.

Then do the work and bring the code over.

This is how an ASF project works. There are some things you won't be
able to do but you will find that doing the parts you are able to do
will help ensure someone is willing to step forward to do the rest of
the work.

If you don't have the time to do the work feel free to raise an issue
on the issue tracker. Hopefully someone with more time and similar
views will be available to do the work. But we promise nothing, we are
all volunteers here. The only way to guarantee results is to do it

This is how an ASF project works, everyone is contribute.
Valuable contributions include making *specific* requests via the
issue tracker, even more valuable is doing the work to close the

To close. let me repeat that as a mentor (which is why I've been
contacted offlist) I believe the original question has been answered
here and guidance has already been provided on how to identify and
fill any *specific* holes an individual might see. I'm looking forward
to seeing some new contributors emerge.


Ross Gardler (@rgardler)
Programme Leader (Open Development)

On 1 May 2012 21:22, Pedro Giffuni <> wrote:
> On 05/01/12 12:07, Michael Meeks wrote:
>> ...
>>        or something - though, clearly there are prolly some interesting
>> new
>> files there too - which would fall foul of the list in the SGA I guess.
>> Anyhow - most interested in the status of those.
> Of course we don't "release" CWSs at all, those would have to find
> their way into working code first.
>> On Thu, 2012-04-19 at 23:13 +0200, Rob Weir wrote:
>>> Were there any other specific CWS's that you are interested in, aside
>>> from aw080?
>>        I havn't done a complete audit yet; but when I last reviewed the
>> list,
>> there were rather a large number of useful bits of code there -
>> everything from bug-fixes, to new features, to porting to gnumake.
> I understand you have been cautious,
> and that's really good.
> I can see we will not be adopting them all. I think, for example, part
> of the accessibility stuff may be obsoleted by IBM's code, so if you
> really want to relicense all your code it may be easier to revert that
> and sync at a later time with AOO (good thing you are using git).
>>        I assume you have a plan for rescuing that, it'd be great to
>> understand
>> it in more detail.
> We have no plan.
> For 3.4, it's too late but please do provide a list of the CWSs you are
> using
> in LibreOffice with a short description and we will eventually see what we
> can provide in future AOO releases. Of course, if you sign an iCLA you
> can help things go faster :).
> Pedro.

Ross Gardler (@rgardler)
Programme Leader (Open Development)

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