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From Paulo de Souza Lima <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL][www] Redirected
Date Fri, 11 May 2012 22:03:35 GMT
2012/5/11 Marcus (OOo) <>

> Am 05/10/2012 02:56 PM, schrieb Rob Weir:

I'd like to give my  cents also...

> Rob is right. IMHO we shouldn't care about the country as we don't do any
> localization work for specific countries. It's all about languages only.

Yes, I agree... But....

> Please have a look for the install files. The ISO code at the end (in
> front of the file extension) is for languages. So, the "de" packages can be
> used by every German-speaking people all over the world. It's not for
> people in Germany only.

I was wondering how many countries in the world speak German =)    But I
got another example:

Every translation to Spanish is read by all Spanish speaking countries (and
they are many) despite the regionalisms. The brazilian case is quite
interesting because we can easily read pt-PT texts and all the other
portuguese speaking countries can do it with our texts also. However, when
all the others countries easily comunicate to each other, we brazilians
feel a bit unconfortable reading pt-PT texts (I don't know if they feel the
same about pt-BR).

Another point is the community size. Brazilian users communtiy is far
larger than any other portuguese speaking country. The last Orthografic
Agreement is trying to reduce the distance between pt-BR and pt-PT,
unifying the way we write portuguese words, but this is not enough. There
are words meaning diferent things in both languages. For example: the word
"bicha" in pt-PT means a "row of people". In pt-BR it means "fagot" (sorry
for this example, but it shows the size of the disaster if we do the wrong

I think it's unfair disregard other countries, but it's also unfair include
brazilian people in (pt-)PT language. So the only way I see is allowing a
country oriented language in this particular case.

> So, IMHO we should create any new domains/subdomains/redirects in context
> with language ISO codes (see here for a complete (?) list of all code OOo
> has and AOO can support:

Yes, I agree. I just told all the above because I've created a category and
some pages in PT-BR in the wiki, and someone questioned me (in my
discussion page) why I've done that since there already was a PT category
and pages.

Anyway, the decision should include not only a website, but all the
language related issues.

> PS:
> Yes, br = Breton and uk = Ukrainian.
> Also for me, my 2 ct.
> Marcus


Paulo de Souza Lima
Técnico em Eletrônica e Administrador
Curitiba - PR
Linux User #432358
Ubuntu User #28729

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