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From Paulo de Souza Lima <>
Subject Re: [UX] New AOO User Experience Community
Date Fri, 18 May 2012 13:22:56 GMT
2012/5/18 J├╝rgen Schmidt <>

> On 5/18/12 10:32 AM, Kevin Grignon wrote:
>> Erik,
>> Good stuff. Will do.
> do we really need such a separate page for UX community members? I don't
> think so and I personally think it goes in the wrong direction.

There's nothing to loose, in my view. But I wouldn't call UX a "community".
I would call it a "team".

> I am personally interested in many different areas of the project and
> don't want to put my name on X different pages. My contribution in the
> different areas will be also different and will change from time to time.

If you are interested in many areas (just like me) you are free to decide
if you will place your name in all of them, or none. I don't see a problem
with that. But if I am deeply involved with some project, I would like to
place my name on it, for sure. Also, it's important from the user's point
of view, to know who are the contacts for the issues they have. And a new
contributor who wishes to have a larger involvement with the UX activities
(and others too) should be able to identify who else is involved.

> Such a page doesn't really reflect who is doing the work and is
> potentially misleading.

Again, I don't think so. Indeed, it doesn't reflect who is doing the job,
but it gives a clue. It would be worst if users have no clue about that.
And Mediawiki has features that can give stronger clues. It's matter of
creating some sort of workflow. If there's a workflow, anyone can drive his
task, without the need of a "coordinator". I could give you an example we
done in LibO, but I preffer to show you our own example in AOO: Me and Raul
are about to finish a workflow for PT-BR document translations page which
is working very fine in LibO and we will make it work here too. When
finished, anyone will be able to choose a document, translate it, submit it
for revise, revise translation, and all the work of every contributor will
be recorded.

This could be automated in certain level if we had a better wiki as I have
asked for some days ago.

> We have already a general project page with project members that doesn't
> reflect the current situation in the project.

I agree to this point, but I think a general list "too general" for the
average people. We should think about giving fast answers to AOO users,
instead making them navigate through uncountable pages to find what they
want. Do you have any idea of how difficult is for people to fill an issue
in bugzilla, for example? Findind documentation either. And it's worst for
those who can't read/write in English.

> In general such pages are useless from my point of view and get outdated
> very fast.

My personal/professional experience points to another direction. If UX has
enthusiastic volunteers who take the task to themselves, they will take
care of their workspace. And I think there are very enthusiastic people at
this moment. And they wish to do that, but it will be useless if UX
couldn't count on devs to hear what they have to say, because UX should be
the channel between users and devs. The enthusiasm can go down very quickly.

> Just my 2 ct
Mine too.

> Juergen


Paulo de Souza Lima
Curitiba - PR
Linux User #432358
Ubuntu User #28729

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