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From Paulo de Souza Lima <>
Subject Re: Dealing with a large and diverse project - Native Languages and project teams
Date Sun, 20 May 2012 21:11:34 GMT
2012/5/20 Paolo Pozzan <>

> Il 20/05/2012 20:57, Paulo de Souza Lima ha scritto:


> Paulo,
>>> I am not sure I understand either.  What is missing that would make it
>>> easier for you to do what you want to accomplish?
> Maybe is about what must be missed. Asking a volunteer to subscribe to a
> mailing list with hundreds of messages in a month can be very frustrating
> and also annoying.
>  Hi Wolf.
>> Nothing at all, actually. It would be good if we had a pt-br mailing list,
>> but we are using a mailing list from Escritorio Livre Community. The most
>> important for people up here,maybe, would have support and acceptance from
>> AOO without many "bureaucractic issues". We are proud to help and we help
>> for fun, without political or economic interests.
>> I think this could lead to a polemic discussion and I don't wish to be
>> polemic. Sorry.
> Paulo, as long as you are looking for a way to get better processes you
> cannot lead to polemic discussions. Let's find a solution togheter.
> Paolo

Keep in mind the following: community has passed through a
traumatic phase. For BrOffice this phase was much more traumatic, because
we had many fightings for power. And we are tired of fighting. Contributing
to Free Software should be for fun for most of us.Suddenly we were involved
in a war in against some people. I really don't want to relive that
situation and we decided to get away from LibreOffice and TDF because those
people we were fighting against became key persons in TDF. We got out and
founded Escritorio Livre Community. We were seeking some projects to help,
like Caligra, and others, but when OpenOffice came out from the ashes, we
thought we could help a lot on it. So, some of us decided to submit their
agreements to Apache Foundation.

But the most important is: we want to help AOO (and we can do a lot of
noise in Brazil) for fun. We don't want to be involved again in economic or
political issues like we were in TDF/LibreOffice. We are the only brazilian
community who openly declared support to AOO, who are spreading news,
presenting lectures and talking about AOO. And who are helping people to
use AOO. You can see that when we post threads about people like Rogério,
who is willing to instal AOO 3,4 in thousands of  computer in a digital
inclusion government project

Today, we are under attack from those people that think TDF and AOO must
fight till death and have commercial interests in brazilian market. Of
couse you don't know that, because you don't use to read brazilian FLOSS
news, despite the fact that Brazil is a huge market for open source office

The fact is: there's a lot of people helping AOO and you don't really know
them. And they don't want to fill a form to officially help AOO or Apache
Foundation. But it would be good to see they are recognized as "helpers",
or "contributors", or whatever, some way.

I know it's polemic, I already had a wearing discussion about this issue in
LibO marketing mailing lists, and I don't want to do that again here.
Claudio, Albino and Drew Jensen could give you tips of what happened, if
they want. Anyway, that discussion is public in TDF marketing list (but the
discussions we had in private lists)


Paulo de Souza Lima
Curitiba - PR
Linux User #432358
Ubuntu User #28729

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