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From Nelson Marques <>
Subject Apache OpenOffice RPMS
Date Sat, 19 May 2012 16:32:13 GMT
Dear all,

I've done beta upgrade to RHEL 6.3 yesterday and runned against a
problem, openoffice (one of the reasons why I subscribed RHEL) was
replaced by LibreOffice. I've picked up the archive with Apache
OpenOffice RPMS and set up a local repository to install Apache
OpenOffice. I've found a few problems:

 1) Vendor distributed LibreOffice has Epoch defined (1:), uncool
stuff (Red Hat should know to do better than this). This literally
creates a nightmare for less experienced users who want to install
Apache OpenOffice since a few components will always be replaced by
LibreOffice (ex: openoffice,org-ure) RPMs. The only way to override
this is to explicitly blacklist libreoffice in yum.conf (exclude:

I would suggest that Apache OpenOffice would distribute AAO RPMS with
Epoch defined to an absurd number... pretty much what Sun/Oracle do
with Java JDK which uses an epoch of 2000. This would most likely
obliterate bad practices from vendors which use Epoch.

According to a previous talk with someone who knows, once Epoch is
introduced in a package on Red Hat, it remains there till the end of
days... this to say... Unless you guys introduce some changes on
packaging the RPMs, vendors like Red Hat created an unholy mess for
their users who don't want to use LibreOffice.

Extra Questions:

 1) Is there a tarbal with pre-build binaries ? I would like to
repackage AOO to a more clean stuff for my personal usage (not
thinking on rebuilding it, though if it becomes necessary, not a
problem either).

 2) If 1) is possible, then I would like to create a few packages
localized for European Portuguese including post-treaty dictionaries
and pre-treaty (the ones I use) dictionaries.


Nelson Marques
// I've stopped trying to understand sandwiches with a third piece of
bread in the middle...

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