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From RGB ES <>
Subject [4.0 brainstorming] Making Page Breaks more visible
Date Sat, 12 May 2012 14:40:27 GMT
I would like to ask you for feedback on this idea, to know if you
think it is good or bad and why, and finally if you think it is

Writer shows page breaks (PB) with a line on top of next page's text
area. LyX shows PB with a line crossing the page on the insertion
point with the text "Page break" on the middle of it. These different
approaches can be more or less useful, but both are conceptually

             PB are not about breaking pages, but about breaking *text
flow* and sending content to the next page.

So PB should be an attribute of the object (a paragraph, a table) that
actually breaks content flow. Writer already work that way: on the
paragraph format (both direct and style) or table properties we have a
"text flow" tab that allows us to define breaks, either before or
after the object, either with or without page style change.

Considering all this, I believe PB should be shown on the same object
that creates the break, and on the object side where break occurs:
this way, PB display will be consistent with the way PB works on

See here for a lousy mock-up:

What do you think?


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