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From Claudio Filho <>
Subject Re: Pages in the social media
Date Tue, 01 May 2012 14:25:54 GMT
2012/5/1 Rob Weir <>:
> 1) Do we have a ooo-geral-ptbr mailing list set up already?  If not,
> I'd recommend starting with that.  Having a strong pt_br presence in
> the project, to support translation, marketing, communications and
> user support is critical.   That becomes the base that supports a
> successful social media campaign.

When i did the request[1], hadn't support from PPCM. I remember that
you  was volunteer as admin.

> 2) If we do have the mailing list set up already, then I'd recommend
> discussing the social media question there as well.

Today, our list is here[2], and we coordinate our works there.

> 3)  If Albino (or any other contributor) is trusted and is actively
> contributing to the project, then we should ask whether their project
> role should reflect that level of contribution.  In other words, the
> goal is not to put PPMC responsibilities to non-PPMC members.  But the
> goal is to turn those volunteers who take on additional
> responsibilities into PPMC members.  See the difference?

Absolutely, Rob, and agree.

> 4) Personally, I think we want the social media accounts to be
> accountable/answerable to the PPMC.  Having them run by active PPMC
> members is one way.

And i will do. I will be this PPMC member with him.


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