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From jianlizhao <>
Subject how Get Bitmap file from SVG module?
Date Wed, 30 May 2012 03:21:30 GMT
Hi  蜗牛
Although I use openoffice for many years, use openoffice to development is
the first time.

The problem persists, not resolved, we can discuss.

Best Regards!

发件人: 蜗牛 []
发送时间: 2012年5月28日 17:41
收件人: ooo-dev
主题: how Get Bitmap file from SVG module?

Hi jianlizhao
 You solve your problem?I encountered the same problem,Only the format of
the picture is not the same。
Can you tell me solve the problem?
Best Regards!
 >Hi Armin:
>Receipt of your reply, I modified my needs.
>The original picture I do not need to display and modify,only to provide
data to the extension,used for data analysis and >processing. This process
does not need to show only need end result, the end result is saved to a TXT
>All requirements are summarized as follows:
>1)On screen Display bmp or png file, the bmp or png converted from the
original pictures.
>2) In the save file include two files, one is the original file. 
>In order to achieve compatibility.
>3)on screen when the user delete the BMP file,in the save file, the file
related to this BMP files do not save,that is also >deleted.
>4)In the extension, the original file for data analysis and processing, and
processing the results are saved to txt file.
>It should be based on the screen select the BMP file,access to the
corresponding original file.
>Do you have any good suggestions.
>Best Regards!

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