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From jianlizhao <>
Subject how Get Bitmap file from SVG module?
Date Tue, 29 May 2012 12:02:13 GMT
Hi Armin:
Your are right.
Insert raw data file to write, not draw/Impress.
outputs a text file is the results of the analysis, depending on the
circumstances maybe insert openoffice'write.

The reason for this is:
We need a complex Graphics and text mixed layout , Editing software ,
support for mathematical formulas and Data Analysis , So think of the

It is easy to teaching student and exchange.

Some special needs, but we need such.

Best Regards!

发件人: Armin Le Grand []
发送时间: 2012年5月29日 16:56
主题: Re: how Get Bitmap file from SVG module?

	Hi jianlizhao,

I still have to guess what you want to do, but it sounds like:
- Insert raw data file to draw/Impress
- A special extension uses that data to proccess something and outputs a
text file
- That extension creates a Bitmap/BitmapEx AOO can display

If this is correct I see no real reason to implement/embed this internally
in AOO. If you only need the raw data in your extension, why use AOO for it
and create a file format which is potentially very big?
Why not load the raw data from an app which needs it and processes it (the
extension itself)? It seems so specialized that I would think about a
specialized solution. When you already put a *.txt file with results next to
the ODF, why not also let the raw data be aside the ODF file?
Why do you need Draw/Impress at all?

Maybe I'm wrong, still guessing your needs and plan.

On 25.05.2012 03:27, jianlizhao wrote:
> Hi Armin:
> Receipt of your reply, I modified my needs.
> The original picture I do not need to display and modify,only to 
> provide data to the extension,used for data analysis and processing.
> This process does not need to show only need end result, the end 
> result is saved to a TXT file.
> All requirements are summarized as follows:
> 1)On screen Display bmp or png file, the bmp or png converted from the 
> original pictures.

Yes. Who converts this? Which instance?

> 2) In the save file include two files, one is the original file.
> In order to achieve compatibility.

Only useful when the extension is installed, no extra use for the standard
user, but much bigger files?

> 3)on screen when the user delete the BMP file,in the save file, the 
> file related to this BMP files do not save,that is also deleted.
> 4)In the extension, the original file for data analysis and 
> processing, and processing the results are saved to txt file.
> It should be based on the screen select the BMP file,access to the 
> corresponding original file.
> Do you have any good suggestions.

See above!

> Thanks...
> Best Regards!


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