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From eric b <>
Subject Re: I posted a wiki about copy/paste in calc in OpenOffice,
Date Thu, 03 May 2012 04:28:58 GMT

Le 3 mai 12 à 04:23, shzh zhao a écrit :

> Hi All,


>     I posted a wiki about copy/paste in calc in OpenOffice,
> Calc_copy_paste< 
> How_to_support_a_VBA_API_in_OpenOffice>

Thank you very much : every documentation needs always a lot of time  
to be written, and a lot of energy to maintain it.

=> bookmarked and marked as " precious "  :-)

>     Any feedback will be appreciated, thanks.

About the code documentation : nothing, thanks again ! About the code  
itself .. looks like there is something strange. Indeed, when we read  
the description, we see a forest of if / else if .. in the algo.

If I understand correctly, every time a case is tested, we do  
aDataHelper.HasFormat( aFormat) and if the current case is the 10th  
in the "if" list, we'll have to execute 10 times the same method ?  
Wouldn't a switch( aFormat) be more efficient and probably faster  
there ?  Other point : PasteDataFormat (sc/source/ui/view/ 
viewfun5.cxx) is around 500 lines (!!), and this is probably a lot  
for a simple method (I probably read too fast ...)

FYI when I documented the math equation editor (see http:// 
SourcesDescription ), there was another pattern used. Say more  
"graphical", and using "operators" (see starmath/inc/rect.hxx). Could  
this pattern be used there instead ? (if adapted)

More precisely, I see some similarities between all the possible  
cases of formats ( if DataHelper.HasFormat() ), how they are treated,  
and the possible nodes when creating a "graphical" equation.

Do you think we could use such a method in Calc (operators), and  
optimize, or am I completely wrong ? (could be ;-) )


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