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From eric b <>
Subject Re: Handling of pictures in Writer
Date Mon, 07 May 2012 16:20:27 GMT

Le 7 mai 12 à 18:01, Regina Henschel a écrit :

> Hi all,

Hi Regina,

> user often ask why they cannot rotate pictures in Writer, e.g issue  
> 3545. There exists a tip to copy a picture from Draw to Writer,  
> then it can be rotated. But that Draw-picture is different from a  
> Writer- picture.
> I have made a table to collect the differences between Writer- 
> pictures and Draw-pictures.

Thanks a lot !

FYI, there was a little mismatch with the issue number, and I fixed  
it on the wiki

> It is currently in my personal area on the Media-wiki. If you find  
> it useful and you know a suitable place, please tell me where to  
> put it.

I think it it the right location. Let's wait for other opinions  
though ...

> ComparisonWriterDrawPicture

That's a very good idea. As you probably read in the issue, I took  
over the task, and I'll use this wiki page to report any progress and  
step done.

The idea is, as discussed with Oliver and Armin, to reuse some Draw  
features in Writer, like (image rotation). There is a lot to do and  
any help is welcome.

Current work in progress :

- I expermiented some hack (adding image Rotation), but something is  

- reading most of the Draw code.
- comparing Writer and Draw shells.

Long term plan :
Make it work.

Are you interested to share / contribute to the task with me ?


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