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From Oliver-Rainer Wittmann <>
Subject Re: [HEADS UP] Re: [UPDATE SERVICE] proposal a OOo 3.3 update service
Date Thu, 31 May 2012 08:38:27 GMT

On 30.05.2012 22:09, Rob Weir wrote:
> On Wed, May 30, 2012 at 3:31 PM, Roberto Galoppini<>  wrote:
>> On Wed, May 30, 2012 at 12:43 PM, Oliver-Rainer Wittmann
>> <>  wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> On 22.05.2012 15:21, Oliver-Rainer Wittmann wrote:
>>>> [snip]
>>>> It looks like we can go with the "static" solution as a short-term
>>>> solution.
>>>> Thus, I will do the following:
>>>> - Creation of a complete XML document
>>>> - Include entries for at least one languages for which we have currently
>>>> no AOO
>>>> 3.4 installation package.
>>>> - Providing the XML document and possible variants on [3] for testing and
>>>> verification.
>>>> - Call for volunteers to test the XML document at [3].
>>>> - Integrate feedback, if we want to have direct download links or links to
>>>> a
>>>> certain existing web page for manual download.
>>>> - Activate the update service
>>>> -- move the final XML document to [4].
>>>> -- ask ASF infrastructure team to redirect OOo 3.3 Update URL [5] to [4].
>>>> My goal is to have the update service for OOo 3.3 running at the end of
>>>> next week.
>>>> Any objections?
>>>> Any volunteers in advance which want to test?
>>>> If yes, please provide information about your OOo 3.3 installation
>>>> (operating
>>>> system and language) and the test cases (direct download link, link to
>>>> download
>>>> page, ...) you want to test.
>>>> [3]
>>>> [4]
>>>> [5]
>>> I have finished the creation of an XML document. It contains a feed with
>>> entries for all platform and language combinations for which we have an AOO
>>> 3.4 installation package.
>>> Each entry provides a link to web page [6]. This web page is a currently
>>> empty landing page for our OOo 3.3 users. On this page we can provide
>>> information about our new home at the Apache Software Foundation and our AOO
>>> 3.4 release. From here we can direct our OOo 3.3 to our download page [7].
>> Hi Oliver,
>>   could we eventually jointly work on a test phase for a fraction of
>> the user base? Maybe we could enable the auto-updates for a given
>> language, or so. Actually this could help us to make some realistic
>> assumptions on the total load, and if needed the necessary adjustments
>> to ensure the optimal performance.
> So, if we know from existing AOO 3.4 downloads that language/platform
> X is Y% of the total, then if we test the OOo 3.3 upgrade with only X,
> we can project what the total upgrade volume would be.  That sounds
> reasonable.
>>   Ideally we'd like to start the test phase as soon as possible.

Roberto, Rob and Kay are in favor to activate the update service only for a part 
of the possible OOo 3.3 instances in order to check, if the traffic can be 
handled. No objections from my side.

One important remark which I had not given yet:
When we had the redirect from [5] to [4] established by the ASF infrastructure 
team, all (yes, all) installed OOo 3.3 instances in which the check of updates 
is initiated will get the XML document. Whose which find an entry with their 
data (language, platform, architecture) will state that an update is available. 
All the others will state that the OOo 3.3 installation is up to date.

To start this first phase the following tasks need to be finished:
(1) Choose the OOo 3.3 candidates for the first phase.
-- orw's proposal: italian on all four platforms
(2) Get in contact with the ASF infrastructure team to get the redirect 
established at a certain day.
-- orw is volunteering for this task
(3) Fill the landing page [6] with content and links and activate tracking for 
this page.
-- at least one volunteer is needed here.
(4) Choose the time frame for the first phase.
-- orw's proposal: 2012-07-05 until 2012-07-08 (if redirect can be established 
on Tuesday, 2012-07-05 and task (3) can be finished until Monday.)

BTW, as we have for each language own entries in the XML document we can provide 
translated landing pages if somebody is willing to translate the "master" 
landing page.


Best regards, Oliver.

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