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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Sorting sections in the help
Date Wed, 30 May 2012 19:29:11 GMT
Hi all,

if you look for function IMSIN in the help, you get a page from source 

When you look at that page in the help viewer you will notice, that the 
functions are not alphabetically sorted. This is because sorting has 
been disabled in
But I do not notice any problem, if I enable it again. You can try it 
too. You need not to compile the source, but can edit the file 
main_transform.xsl directly. It is located in <instdir>/Basis/help
The section should read
<!-- SORT -->
<xsl:template match="sort" >
<xsl:template match="sort" mode="embedded">

So my question is, whether there still exists a reason not to enable 

Are there problems in special languages?

When sorting is enabled, you will notice, that the section containing 
the function IMABS is not on the correct place. The reason for this is 
an empty paragraph element at the start of that section in 04060116.xhp 
in line 49,50. Does anyone know, if I can simple delete it. Or does this 
element has a special purpose?

Kind regards

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