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From Oliver-Rainer Wittmann <>
Subject [HEADS UP] Re: [UPDATE SERVICE] proposal a OOo 3.3 update service
Date Wed, 30 May 2012 10:43:55 GMT

On 22.05.2012 15:21, Oliver-Rainer Wittmann wrote:
> It looks like we can go with the "static" solution as a short-term solution.
> Thus, I will do the following:
> - Creation of a complete XML document
> - Include entries for at least one languages for which we have currently no AOO
> 3.4 installation package.
> - Providing the XML document and possible variants on [3] for testing and
> verification.
> - Call for volunteers to test the XML document at [3].
> - Integrate feedback, if we want to have direct download links or links to a
> certain existing web page for manual download.
> - Activate the update service
> -- move the final XML document to [4].
> -- ask ASF infrastructure team to redirect OOo 3.3 Update URL [5] to [4].
> My goal is to have the update service for OOo 3.3 running at the end of next week.
> Any objections?
> Any volunteers in advance which want to test?
> If yes, please provide information about your OOo 3.3 installation (operating
> system and language) and the test cases (direct download link, link to download
> page, ...) you want to test.
> [3]
> [4]
> [5]

I have finished the creation of an XML document. It contains a feed with entries 
for all platform and language combinations for which we have an AOO 3.4 
installation package.
Each entry provides a link to web page [6]. This web page is a currently empty 
landing page for our OOo 3.3 users. On this page we can provide information 
about our new home at the Apache Software Foundation and our AOO 3.4 release. 
 From here we can direct our OOo 3.3 to our download page [7].
The reasons why I choose to provide a link to web page instead of providing 
direct download links are the following:
- for platform Linux the "static" solution can not decide which package format 
is requested.
- Rob and myself are in favor of such a landing page.
 From the OOo 3.3 update functionality the user can directly open this web page 
in the default browser.
The XML document can be found at [4]. I also put it at [3] as file "check.Update".

Please start your testing.
To test please perform the following steps:
(step 1) stop your running OOo 3.3 instance inclusive quickstarter.
(step 2) find in your OOo 3.3 installation the file "version.ini" (Windows) 
respectively the file "versionrc" (other platforms).
(step 3) in this file replace in field "UpdateURL" the string
[5] by [4] or by "".
Please keep an existing query part, e.g. "?pkgformat=rpm".
(step 4) start your OOo 3.3
(step 5a) check for an update manually via Menu Help - Check for Updates
(step 5b) wait for the automatic update check configured via Menu Tools - 
Options - - Online Update. An available update should be notified 
on the right of your menu bar.

Thanks in advance for your test efforts.

Currently, I have no variants of the XML document ready. But, I am prepared to 
create the one or the other corresponding to your feedback.


Best regards, Oliver.

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