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From Andre Fischer>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Starting the graduation process
Date Wed, 30 May 2012 09:34:52 GMT
On 29.05.2012 20:29, Pedro Giffuni wrote:
> Hi Drew;
> --- Mar 29/5/12, drew<>  ha scritto:
> <snip>
>>>>> Yes the situation was specifically postponed as a graduation
>>>>> issue, I am not going through that discussion again.
>>>>> I made a concrete proposal with two alternatives:
>>>>> - They are moved to a friendly ftp/http site.
>>>>> - I step down from the PPMC to avoid the community
>>>>> the pain of a -1 vote.
> ...
>> Could be - it was just the way Pedro phrased his comment I
>> thought perhaps his thinking was being influenced by the
>> earlier remarks.
> The idea that we have remaining issues with Category-B
> tarballs in the tree has been around since before the
> release, and one of our mentors (Ross I recall) did
> acknowledge my point of view.
> I did offer to step down then but I don't mean to make
> a big issue out of this. If I step down it will be
> communicated in the private list exclusively. I would
> still be a committer and nothing would really change
> for me.
> What I feel is disappointing is the lack of
> acknowledgement that there *is* an issue. Category-B
> software can be included in releases in binary form
> but it should be otherwise actively discouraged, and in
> general unsupported: it should not be included in the
> buildbots and using it should be, in general terms, a

But the binary builds have to come from somewhere.  Unless we want to 
drop the features for which we need category-B libraries then making it 
harder to build them is IMHO not the right way to go.

But maybe moving the offending libraries to another server would be a 
first step?  If you find a server and copy the files over then I am 
willing to adapt the scripts accordingly.


> IMHO this project benefited greatly from the Category-X
> replacement and in general I would like the project to
> head in a direction that will lead to greater license
> and code simplification but the current situation where
> we work-around the policy issues instead of solving them
> is (again IMO) unacceptable.
> Pedro.

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