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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Starting the graduation process
Date Tue, 29 May 2012 16:07:58 GMT
On 5/29/12 5:42 PM, Yong Lin Ma wrote:
> We are close to starting the graduation process. But I think we need
> give the project more time to demonstrate the ability to
> Create an Apache Release

I think the project have shown that it is able to act as TLP and that 
the project is able to manage project relevant issues in the Apache way.

> AOO 3.4 is an real achievement. But the major issue it solved are due
> to legal concerns.  It has improvement in SVG just because we are
> lucky to have Armin with us.
> It is still early to say that the project is ready to get to next release.
> We need at least
> Close a couple of new feature cycles. Propose and discuss about new
> features ->  spec review ->  design review ->  implementation ->  QE sign
> off
> See a steady defect fix rate.

Our next planned release 3.4.1 will be a bug fix release only. No big 
new features are intended or planned for this release. Only important 
bug fixes + new translations. So I don't see really your point here.

Graduation means that the project is able to self manage all project 
relevant issues in a proper way that is aligned with the Apache rules 
and the Apache way.

> Create an Open and Diverse community
> We need more committers. There still no committer from C2SC.

sure we need more committers and that will be a steady and continuously 
process in the future. But do you want define a number of say 150 
committers as boundary for a potential graduation? Probably not because 
it means nothing. We have committers who are not longer active here in 
the project and graduation would also mean that we are able to clean up 
some things.

C2SC people should participate actively in the project and should talk 
about the things they are doing that other people get aware of it. 
Nothing special here, saying I will do is not enough but doing it will 
change things over time ;-)

The important message is that we are ready to manage the project in the 
Apache way.

We should focus on things that are potentially relevant for graduation 
and Pedro have raised his concern about the category-b libraries that 
are valid and we have indeed postponed the decision after our first 
release. We should now either simply move them or should clarify if it 
is ok to keep them in the repo from a legal perspective to be simply 
save here to address Pedro's concern.

But in general I would support Rob's idea to start the graduation 
process now and address all relevant issues.


> On Tue, May 29, 2012 at 2:10 AM, Rob Weir<>  wrote:
>> I'd like to start the graduation process, with the aim of being a TLP
>> in time for the 3.4.1 release.
>> The IPMC has a "Guide to Successful Graduation" page with a lot of
>> detail and advice:
>> The calendar here is especially useful:
>> It shows 4 steps:
>> 1) a vote on ooo-dev (a community vote) on whether we want to graduate now
>> 2) a discussion on ooo-dev leading to the draft of a charter for the new TLP
>> 3) an IPMC vote on whether or not to recommend the podling for graduation
>> 4) a vote by the ASF Board on a resolution creating the new TLP
>> This thread is just a proposal.  It is not the actual vote called for
>> in #1 above.  But I'd like to gauge current sentiment.  Are we all +1
>> for going ahead?  If not, please list what pre-graduation tasks you
>> believe need to be done first.
>> Thanks!
>> -Rob

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