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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: FYA new defect with tag [From Symphony]
Date Tue, 29 May 2012 15:24:48 GMT
Hi Yan Ji,

Ji Yan schrieb:
> Recently, a few defects(about 70+) opened with tag "[From Symphony]". I'd
> like to share with you what we(Symphony test team) are doing and the
> meaning of this tag.
> In this week, we spent our effort on AOO interoperability testing, by
> running sample files(both MS binary and xml file) loading and saving with
> AOO. During this test we found there are some bugs exist in AOO but cannot
> be reproduced in Symphony, so we filed issues in bugzilla with this tag
> "[From Symphony]" to make everyone clear that specific problem only exist
> in AOO but not in Symphony.

Could you please tell, how the files where generated, especially which 
Microsoft Office version you use to generate the file and which steps 
needed to generate such a file from scratch. I have got MS Office 2010, 
but I'm not familiar in using it. There might be differences between an 
Asian and Europe version of the MS Office suite. Therefore I will try to 
generate such files by myself.

Have you already searched Bugzilla, whether the problem is already 
reported, when you report the bug?

Kind regards

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