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From Jürgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: [ask for review]: Contribute hints and tips for three editors
Date Tue, 29 May 2012 12:01:51 GMT
On 5/28/12 4:27 PM, Jingbai wrote:
> Thanks I think How-Tos is the best category for those tips. Will link from there.
> And we'll change the name range page as suggested. Thanks!

it is maybe also a good idea to keep the hierarchical structure and put
all guide/articles under

We introduced this hierarchical structure for different areas (e.g.
Documentation, API, ...) and it can help to organize the whole on a
further level besides the used category keywords

The title can be shorten by using the
{{DISPLAYTITLE:<your_short_title>}} tag to view only the last part of
the url.

The hierarchical structure can be useful if you want do some automation
with wiki bots...

I personally like this structure but I am not sure what others think
about it. And of course it is handled differently in the wiki.


> Best regards,
> Betsy
> 发自我的 iPhone
> 在 2012-5-28,下午9:23,Regina Henschel<>  写道:
>> Hi Betsy,
>> Jing Bai schrieb:
>>> Here is a bunch of hints and tips to assist users when they work with AOO
>>> editors . They are short articles with graphics. Could community members
>>> review them and provide comments to us?
>>> We put them on the MediaWiki, since it is pretty straight forward.
>> I agree, that all end user help texts should only be in the MediaWiki.
>> But I wonder, why do you not use the MediaWiki syntax.
>> But we
>>> have not yet link those articles in the main page category, could anyone
>>> suggest which category is appropriate to add those tips in? Many thanks!
>> The MediaWiki has already a large amount of documentation. Please see the listing
under category Documentation. I think your kind of articles best fit under category Documentation/How_Tos
and can be linked from
>>> Document hints and tips:
>>> Spreadsheet hints and tips:
>>> Presentation hints and tips:
>> Comment for
>> You are mixing named ranges and labels. That is confusing.
>> For me the shortest way to generate a named range is this:
>> 1. Select the range.
>> 2. Type the name into the 'Name box'.
>> 3. Press Enter-key.
>> Kind regards
>> Regina

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