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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: 3.4.1, 3.5?, 4.0 ...
Date Tue, 29 May 2012 11:30:18 GMT
On 5/27/12 5:49 PM, Kay Schenk wrote:
> We seem to have a handle on what we're doing for a 3.4.1 release, and quite
> a number of ideas floating around for 4.0
> and even 4.1 ?
> I'm wondering if it's worth the time to put a more concerted effort (after
> 3.4.1) into code cleanup, refactoring,etc., and do an intermediate release
> *before* 4.0 as 3.5. There's been some discussion about this in the past
> along with the complexity of the code, and I think maybe focusing on JUST
> that aspect might serve us well in the long run. When I hear about 1 hour
> builds, I'm thinking surely we can do better. That and the size of the code
> base concerns me. Again, I am not a coder on this project, and I do realize
> that taking things apart and putting them back together is NOT easy. So my
> remarks may be very naive.
> I really don't have a good sense of what it means to go from a 3.4 to 3.5,
> etc.  either. It would be great if someone more intimately involved in
> development could furnish some more information about that aspect on the
> planning wiki.

I think whatever we together or any individual is doing, our main focus 
should be on quality, stability and performance.

We have so many areas where we can improve things and all of them are 
useful and will help the project.

Code cleanup for example is an ongoing effort and yes it would be nice 
if would have for example support of the system/compiler STL already.

All work in this direction is welcome and we will support everybody who 
is interested to work on these things. But it depends on the people who 
are interested to work on this. Volunteers should simply start doing it 
any should send patches ...

Nobody has said that we won't include code cleanup patches like removing 
of empty lines, newlines, unused code, remove or translate German 
comments etc. People should simply start doing it.

Build time improvements or general improvements of the build process are 
also welcome as any other contribution.

We are open to everything and will support and help anybody who is 
interested to work on or with the code under the conditions of Apache 
and the project.


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