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From Michael Stahl <>
Subject Re: Request for Apache License for CWSs
Date Wed, 23 May 2012 16:59:14 GMT
On 23/05/12 16:00, Michael Meeks wrote:
> On Wed, 2012-05-23 at 13:54 +0200, Regina Henschel wrote:
>> There are a lot of CWSs in The files 
>> are still under LGPL3. Some of these CWSs are relevant for LO and for 
>> AOO. It it possible to get these CWSs under APL2.0?
> 	Right ! so I've been delaying the ask until I have an accurate list,
> but since that's taking a bit of time, here is a (possibly incomplete)
> list of useful CWS' that we have code integrated from:
> 	cws ause130
> 	cws gnumake4
> 	cws writerfilter10
> 	cws mav58

these are not yet integrated at ApacheOO AFAIK.

missing from this list is "ause131", or so i thought but upon closer
examination the globalmn.hrc problem has been fixed independently in
LibreOffice so it's not required (but Apache folks probably want it).

oh, CWS "sb140" is definitely missing from the list.

> 	cws ooo34gsl01
> 	cws ooo34gsl10
> 	cws ooo34gslstop1

these three are all actually "ooo34gsl01", just sometimes with typos.
"ooo34gsl01" was committed by myself in ApacheOO SVN, should be in the
3.4.0 release.

> 	cws ooo340fixes
> 	cws sw34bf06

both also committed by myself in ApacheOO SVN, should be in 3.4.0 release.

> 	cws aw084
> 	cws calc65
> 	cws impress210
> 	cws impressdefaults1

these were integrated into OOO340_m1, which was AFAIK never merged
wholesale into LibreOffice (the last milestone merged was DEV300_m106),
so they're already in the initial ApacheOO SVN import.

> 	If we can't get them under AL2.0 in time, then we will need to
> incrementally remove and re-write them on a per-file basis I imagine -
> which would be unfortunate but not debilitating.
> 	Of course - now that we have some sort of list, further clarity on the
> process by which these LGPLv3, Oracle owned CWS become AL2.0 is much
> appreciated.
> 	Michael S. had a few others that had useful features not-yet-merged in
> mind.

yes, there are some nice to have things that are relatively low-hanging,
would be a shame if the effort gone into them were wasted:

"swcoreseparation" CWS contains nice refactoring of sw to remove
dependencies from core code to ui code by mba

"tl77" CWS contains refactoring of edit engine clipboard code to replace
the binary SfxItemPool-based serialization format with ODF, and
subsequent removal of the un-maintainable SfxItemPool serialization code

"textalignment01" CWS contains a substantial re-work of RTL code by
Oliver-Rainer (that is not finished AFAIR) to make it conform with ODF
(currently we mis-interpret the "start" and "end" alignment values)

"accfixes2", "accfixes3", "accstuff", "accia2bridge" CWSes contain
accessibility stuff, see Malte's mail for a description:


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