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From Andre Fischer>
Subject Re: Request for Apache License for CWSs
Date Wed, 23 May 2012 14:40:19 GMT
On 23.05.2012 16:00, Michael Meeks wrote:
> On Wed, 2012-05-23 at 13:54 +0200, Regina Henschel wrote:
>> There are a lot of CWSs in The files
>> are still under LGPL3. Some of these CWSs are relevant for LO and for
>> AOO. It it possible to get these CWSs under APL2.0?
> 	Right ! so I've been delaying the ask until I have an accurate list,
> but since that's taking a bit of time, here is a (possibly incomplete)
> list of useful CWS' that we have code integrated from:
> 	cws ause130
> 	cws aw084
> 	cws calc65
> 	cws gnumake4
> 	cws impress210
> 	cws impressdefaults1
> 	cws mav58
> 	cws ooo340fixes
> 	cws ooo34gsl01
> 	cws ooo34gsl10
> 	cws ooo34gslstop1
> 	cws sw34bf06
> 	cws writerfilter10

I can not find the following child work spaces on  Can you point me to the right place?

	cws aw084
	cws calc65
	cws impress210
	cws impressdefaults1
	cws ooo34gsl10
	cws ooo34gslstop1


> 	If we can't get them under AL2.0 in time, then we will need to
> incrementally remove and re-write them on a per-file basis I imagine -
> which would be unfortunate but not debilitating.
> 	Of course - now that we have some sort of list, further clarity on the
> process by which these LGPLv3, Oracle owned CWS become AL2.0 is much
> appreciated.
> 	Michael S. had a few others that had useful features not-yet-merged in
> mind.
> 	HTH,
> 		Michael.

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