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From Oliver-Rainer Wittmann <>
Subject Re: [UPDATE SERVICE] proposal a OOo 3.3 update service
Date Tue, 22 May 2012 13:21:54 GMT

On 16.05.2012 13:24, Oliver-Rainer Wittmann wrote:
> Hi,
> as our release AOO 3.4 is out now for more than a week I think it would make
> sense to reactivate a simple update service for installed OOo 3.3 versions.
> I have already seen a post on the users mailing list that the update
> functionality is not working in OOo 3.3. I assume that corresponding posts also
> exist in the forum.
>  From my point of view it is time to let our OOo 3.3 users know via the update
> functionality that we have released AOO 3.4.
> The update URL for OOo 3.3 is:
> (plus
> a query part ?pkgfmt=<pkgformat> for non-Windows platforms)
> As this URL resolves to nothing, the user currently gets the following response
> from the update functionality in OOo 3.3:
> Status: Checking for an update failed.
> Description: Error reading data from the network.
> Server error message: Could not read status line: An existing connection was
> forcibly closed by the remote host.
> There are two solutions:
> (A) "static" solution:
> Provide an XML document similar to the one which is attached when an HTTP GET
> request to the above given URL is made.
> The attached XML document contains an atom feed according to [1]
> Currently, it only contains entries for:
> - German, Windows
> - German, MacOS X
> - German, Linux, 32bit
> - German, Linux, 64bit
> - English-US, Windows
> I hope I got the inst:os and inst:arch content right for all the platforms.
> For Windows and MacOS we could directly provide download links. Thus, the update
> functionality can download it and install it on corresponding user demand.
> For Linux we can not distinguish the different needed package formats in this
> "static" solution - as far as I know. Thus, a landing page can be given here.
> The update functionality can open it in the user's default browser on
> corresponding user demand. In the attached XML document I included our AOO 3.4
> release announcement page as this landing page - this is only a proposal.
> The final XML document needs to be extended by entries for all possible
> combinations. This would mean 4 entries (Windows, MacOS X, Linux 32bit, Linux
> 64bit) for each language which we had released for AOO 3.4.
> It would be also be possible to include more combinations for which we have no
> package. We could create a special landing page for these which state that AOO
> 3.4 is out and that the user might want to have a look, if one of the provided
> packages would fit her/his needs.
> For this solution we need to provide the XML document at the above given URL.
> (B) "dynamic" solution:
> As the HTTP GET request contains all the information needed to identify the
> installed version performing the HTTP GET request - see [2], with some
> server-side logic an XML document could be dynamically created which servers the
> identified version.
> E.g.:
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
> <inst:description xmlns:inst="">
> <inst:version>- Apache OpenOffice 3.4</inst:version>
> <inst:buildid>9590</inst:buildid>
> <inst:os>Linux</inst:os>
> <inst:arch>x86</inst:arch>
> <inst:update type="application/octet-stream"
> src=""
> />
> </inst:description>
> which would serve a OOo 3.3, en-US, Linux 32bit, packgage format deb
> If there is no AOO 3.4 for the identified OOo 3.3 the script should create the
> following XML document:
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
> <inst:description xmlns:inst="">
> </inst:description>
> For this solution we need some server-side based script reacting on the above
> given URL, which can evaluate the provided information and can create XML
> documents as given above.
> [1]
> [2]
> I would prefer the "static" solution as a short-term one which could be working
> next week.
> For the "dynamic" solution a script is needed. I have no experience in
> programming such a script. Is there a volunteer who would take over this task?
> Any thoughts/comments/improvements/changes/...?

It looks like we can go with the "static" solution as a short-term solution.

Thus, I will do the following:
- Creation of a complete XML document
- Include entries for at least one languages for which we have currently no AOO 
3.4 installation package.
- Providing the XML document and possible variants on [3] for testing and 
- Call for volunteers to test the XML document at [3].
- Integrate feedback, if we want to have direct download links or links to a 
certain existing web page for manual download.
- Activate the update service
-- move the final XML document to [4].
-- ask ASF infrastructure team to redirect OOo 3.3 Update URL [5] to [4].

My goal is to have the update service for OOo 3.3 running at the end of next week.

Any objections?

Any volunteers in advance which want to test?
If yes, please provide information about your OOo 3.3 installation (operating 
system and language) and the test cases (direct download link, link to download 
page, ...) you want to test.


Thanks in advance, Oliver.

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