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From win <>
Subject Re: Dealing with a large and diverse project - Native Languages and project teams
Date Sun, 20 May 2012 23:07:32 GMT
On 05/20/2012 04:11 PM, Paulo de Souza Lima wrote:
> The fact is: there's a lot of people helping AOO and you don't really know
> them. And they don't want to fill a form to officially help AOO or Apache
> Foundation. But it would be good to see they are recognized as "helpers",
> or "contributors", or whatever, some way.

Perhaps those that can use both the NL and English can be liaisons 
between the the NL community and the community here.  They could help NL 
users by either assisting with posting here if a subject needs to be 
brought up here.  As well they could keep local users informed of what 
is happening in this community.

  Another possibility is a variety of badges or such for helping out on 
the NL lists and/or being liaisons .  The NL groups sound like users 
groups to me, at least historically, so maybe that is a model that 
should be considered.

On a side note, even English users that just want to help are 
intimidated by many of the same things the NL users are apparently. 
After months of reading this list, I am just learning how to post here, 
since I haven't used an email list in ages.  I don't code, or do 
html/css.  I'll do what I can though, and hope it helps.

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