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From Paolo Pozzan <>
Subject Re: Dealing with a large and diverse project - Native Languages and project teams
Date Sun, 20 May 2012 19:59:27 GMT
Il 20/05/2012 20:57, Paulo de Souza Lima ha scritto:
> 2012/5/20 Wolf Halton<>
>> On Sun, May 20, 2012 at 2:43 PM, Paulo de Souza Lima<
>>>  wrote:
>>> 2012/5/20 Paolo Pozzan<>
>>>> Reading to all other messages in this thread, I think many missed the
>>>> point.
>>>> The problem is not about what language to use, but how to manage the
>>>> to-be-volunteers which don't or wouldn't have the same skills as ours.
>>>> Volunteers are a big marketing weapon; is like happy workers that
>> freely
>>>> advertise the company they work for. OTOH rejected volunteers (even for
>>>> difficulty of access - e.g. language) will feel the final product less
>>>> theirs, so they will be less willing to marketing that.
>>>> Like many "opposers" of AOO Project (incubating) (get it? ;-) say, the
>>>> Apache Software Foundation has a long history of successful software
>> for
>>>> skilled technical users. I bet that the average OpenOffice user don't
>>> even
>>>> know what a programming language exactly is, so I think this is a new
>>>> exciting challenge for the Apache folks.
>>>> What I understood in my experience with italian volunteers is that
>> people
>>>> love to contribute in a hassle-free maneer, this means that someone
>> else
>>>> have to show them the way, letting them just do. I know this may sound
>>>> disappointing, but it is not a limit of freedom if someone choose by
>>>> his/her own to follow some rules.
>>>> I think that it would be useful to write some basic guidelines for the
>>>> native language teams to know what to do and what not. Letting them
>> know
>>> it
>>>> would eventually lead to the birth of local communities, where "basic"
>>>> contributors will eventually will go there.
>>>> Maybe many of us have still in mind the old structure,
>>>> which worked fine for the language teams and to which we can consider
>>>> copying from.
>>>> Paolo
>>> That's exactly what is happening to brazilian community. The most of us
>>> have not technical skills. But we are AOO users and we have influence to
>>> convince many people and organizations to give a chance on AOO. And we
>> are
>>> being striked a lot because of that, but we are standing still.
>>> --
>>> Paulo de Souza Lima
>>> Curitiba - PR
>>> Linux User #432358
>>> Ubuntu User #28729
>> Paulo,
>> I am not sure I understand either.  What is missing that would make it
>> easier for you to do what you want to accomplish?

Maybe is about what must be missed. Asking a volunteer to subscribe to a 
mailing list with hundreds of messages in a month can be very 
frustrating and also annoying.

> Hi Wolf.
> Nothing at all, actually. It would be good if we had a pt-br mailing list,
> but we are using a mailing list from Escritorio Livre Community. The most
> important for people up here,maybe, would have support and acceptance from
> AOO without many "bureaucractic issues". We are proud to help and we help
> for fun, without political or economic interests.
> I think this could lead to a polemic discussion and I don't wish to be
> polemic. Sorry.

Paulo, as long as you are looking for a way to get better processes you 
cannot lead to polemic discussions. Let's find a solution togheter.


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