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From "Marcus (OOo)" <>
Subject [DOWNLOAD] Improved webpage and scripts
Date Sat, 19 May 2012 01:09:35 GMT
Hi all,

In the last hours and days I've worked on the DL scripts. The following 
was done:

- In the sub-green box, shorten the text to make space for links to
   checksum files directly. (Suggetion from Juergen)

- Extend the getLink() function to accept a specific ISO code to get
   forced to build a download URL for a specific language (and not only
   recognize the browser's ISO code). So, on a NL website you will
   always get a suitable localized build. (Suggestion from Ariel)

- Extended the logic to recognize "IceWeasel" to create download URL
   with deb package.

- In the green box, name clearly the platform and package that
   will be downloaded. Example:

   "Click to start downloading the most recent version for
   Linux 64-bit (DEB) and English (US)."

- Delete all stuff that has to do with Bouncer as it is not used since
   >2 years.

- Delete all stuff that has to do with file name schema "old" as it is
   not used since >2 years.

- Delete all stuff that has to do with offering JRE builds as we won't
   do any longer builds with included JRE.

- Furthermore, a lot of code parts and functions were touched to rework
   still needed things or delete old stuff.

You will see only the first 4 items on the webpage. The others are in 
the JS scripts only.

For any problem reports the data from 
"" and text 
and link from the green box would be very helpful.

I hope everything is still working. But I'm sure you will tell me. ;-)

CU tomorrow


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