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From imacat <>
Subject Re: Troll warning
Date Sat, 19 May 2012 00:39:52 GMT
On 2012/05/10 01:01, Rob Weir said:
> On Wed, May 9, 2012 at 12:55 PM, Rory O'Farrell <> wrote:
>> The important thing is to maintain a generosity towards others and not to be drawn
into argument with them about the pros and cons of their/our choices.  The situation is likely
to proceed to one of two directions: either the codebases and the features start to diverge
dramatically, in which case they move away and any other product becomes sufficiently different
that there need be no conflict, or there is some for of reconcilliation/amalgamation, in which
case all have to work together, so the less aggravation that has arisen before that, the better.
>> It is a generous thing to be able to agree to differ.
> But what about when their preference is that you don't exist at all?
> For example, when a LO leader comes onto the Apache list and says that
> he would like us to fail and that he wants to "put us out of our
> misery", then do we treat that as a mere "difference of opinion"?  I'm
> happy to be generous when it is a matter of taste, Coke versus Pepsi
> or whatever.  But when someone is denying our right to exist and
> taking active steps to cause our votes to fail, etc., then I think
> that is something else.

    Well, reading through this thread, I found I got the same nonsense,
from a leader of a forked project.  For me it is always OK to fork, from
either or Apache OpenOffice.  I sincerely wish them to
grow strong, whether they are LibreOffice, OOo4Kids, BrOffice, or
anything else.  Together we enrich the whole ecosystem.  That's why I
(and many people here) help our local Taiwan LibreOffice community, too,
as much as I can.  I figured it is nonsense, and not worthy of my time.
 If I do have spare time I would rather help the local LibreOffice
community than fight with nonsense from the troll.  So I ignored it.

Best regards,
imacat ^_*' <>

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