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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: [UX] The Save Process continued
Date Fri, 18 May 2012 15:33:13 GMT
RGB ES schrieb:
> 2012/5/18 Regina Henschel<>:
>> Hi Ricardo,
>> RGB ES schrieb:
>>> 2012/5/18 Rory O'Farrell<>
>> [..]
>>> There is also a second, less harmful, problem with the save file
>>> work-flow: it is quite easy to accidentally uncheck the "add file
>>> extension" on the save dialogue so every now and then we get on the
>>> forums windows users that do not know how to open a file because
>>> when they double click on it the OS do not recognize it. Maybe we
>>> need to eliminate that option and always save with the correct file
>>> extension?
>> There is no "correct" file extension for all cases. For example consider
>> text vs csv. But it might help, when the state of the check box is not
>> remembered, but always starts with being checked.
> You have a point here... ;)
> But this makes me think on the difference between "Save As" and
> "Export": if you create a cvs file from a spreadsheet document I think
> you are "exporting" it, not just "saving us" because you are losing
> format and properties like formulas, etc.
> I think that those specially ambiguous file types belongs to "Export"
> (which is now pretty empty), not to "Save / Save As". By reorganizing
> "Export" and "Save / Save As" it is possible to let the file extension
> option on the Export dialogue and erase it from "Save / Save As". Does
> this make sense?

Currently a filetype goes to "Save/ Save As", when an export _and_ an 
import filter exists. It does not distinguish whether something is lost. 
If you do not save to 'ODF1.2 extended' always something is lost.

I remember there had been a similar discussion on OOo, and especially 
saving to .doc had been controversial. And also the discussion about 
this check box is not new and as far as I remember the removal of that 
check box has been rejected. But I would need to search for those 

Kind regards

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