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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Feedback on the CMS
Date Sun, 13 May 2012 20:50:41 GMT
On 11/05/2012 Joe Schaefer wrote:
> 1) Is there any aspect of the CMS that needs immediate
>     improvement?

I don't see any critical issues.

> 2) Are you satisfied with the workflow, or are there areas
>     that could stand improvement?

I'd like to have (or to find, if it already exists) a way to publish 
only changes within a directory; from time to time, when I publish the 
website after working on the "it" directory, some other commits from 
other people and other directories slip in, and I haven't found a way to 
tell the CMS "Publish the 'it' directory only".

> 3) Is there anything that should be done to encourage more
>     users who are not committers to use the CMS to submit patches
>     to the list?

This affects much more than the CMS. I see higher barriers in other 
parts of the project (localization/Pootle being a clear example).

> 4) Are there any UI features you'd like to see implemented,
>     either in the web interface or the publication script?

If my request at 2) is already possible, then the interface to do so 
should be more visible.


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