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From "Marcus (OOo)" <>
Subject Re: Download stats script (in progress)
Date Fri, 11 May 2012 21:20:20 GMT
Am 05/11/2012 05:06 AM, schrieb Rob Weir:
> SourceForge has a nice REST API to query for download stats and return
> them in JSON objections.  Unfortunately, our directory structure for
> AOO 3.4 is rather odd, with English downloads in one place,
> translations in another directory, and mixing hashes, installs and
> languages packs altogether.  So getting these stats is a little
> painful.  You can't just get the numbers of a single directory and be
> done.  It is more complicated than that.
> Also, the SF API seems to be rate limited, or at least I'm getting
> errors if I query it too much.  That's understandable.
> So.... I'm coding a simple download stats app, in python, that will
> collect together all the relevant stats and produce reports.  It
> caches on disk JSON objects that have already been retrieved, which
> eliminates the throttling issues as well as greatly improves
> performance.
> Not quite done, but I'll check it in (where?) when it is fully
> debugged and validated.  My goal is to have solid numbers for the one
> week mark next Tuesday.  And from what I'm seeing so far, the numbers
> will be amazing.
> But two quick questions to help me finish this:
> 1) Historically, what did OOo report as "downloads"?  Was this just a
> count of full installs?  Or language packs as well?

We had binaries, SDK and source counted separately. IMHO langpacks were 
not counted.

But could be now a nice additional number. Just to see how popular these 
are at all. ;-)

> 2) It is easy to produce downloads by language and platform, since our
> installs are already defined that way.  But I can also report
> per-country.  Is that interesting to anyone?   For example, in Canada,
> the most popular downloads are X, Y, Z.

Sure, why not. Then we can see which country downloads a language 
version because their native language is not yet supported. Then we can 
put the focus on these languages; given that we have the committers and 
translators for them.


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