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From Andre Fischer>
Subject Re: Which program process scp2?
Date Fri, 11 May 2012 08:35:16 GMT
On 11.05.2012 10:01, laser laser wrote:
> Hello my friend: 
> I have a question to ask.
> Included in the new packaging process are different Perl programs, that create the native
installation sets based on the information stored in our platform independent installation
set description language ?scp“. Files, directories, and many things more are described in
the cvs module ?scp2“. Based on these files, a platform and product specific setup script
is created, which is then used by the new packaging process to create the native installation
sets. The different processes are shown in the following graphic:
>                                   preprocessor
>  scp file------------------------------------------->pre file
>                                                                        |            
>                                                                        |
>                                                                        | perl file formatting
>                                                                        |
>                                        perl-Linker                |
> setup script--------------------------------------- par file
>             | 
> perl-     |                                    
> Packer |
>            |                    windows
>            |---------------------------------------------> Windows Installation set
>            |                    NoN-Windows
>            |--------------------epm-------------------->RPM, Solaris package,...
> My question  Which program process scp2 files ? The resulting file  “setup script”in
At the moment I can give only a partial answer because I am setting up a
new machine and do not have access to my development files.

Here is what I have found out so far:

Creation of .par files from .scp files is triggered by makefiles in
main/scp2/source. The rules can be found in
main/solenv/inc/ A par file is first pre-processed by
cpp.lcc into a .pre file. The .pre files are then transformed into
the .par files by scpcomp.


> In windows 
> How  according to  "setup script"  Generate the  windows installation set? 		 	   		

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