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From Louis Suárez-Potts <>
Subject Re: Download stats script (in progress)
Date Fri, 11 May 2012 04:19:03 GMT
Rob Weir wrote:
> But two quick questions to help me finish this:
> 1) Historically, what did OOo report as "downloads"?  Was this just a
> count of full installs?  Or language packs as well?

History evolved. The data deemed "download" reflected, in fact, *hits*
to the relevant pages, at first, then clicks on the links. In the last
several years, the data collected was more precise but it generally
referred to specific installation sets clicked on for download. As the
NL projects supplemented (usually) the L10n modules by providing more QA
and installation sets, the language packs as such, if I recall, grew
less urgent. Ie, why have a language pack when I could download the
ZH-TW version of OOo?

However..... in the earlier days, when we actually were counting as many
downloads as possible (and it was an inverse Red Queen's Race).... all
counted, and that meant that some things were counted more than once but
seldom more than twice, and not all things were so honoured.

So. With Bouncer and with other tools we did have a good but not
plusgood and certainly never a doubleplusgood accounting. But it was
good enough for propaganda :-).

What did in the end make the final tally were indexes of ODF use.

> 2) It is easy to produce downloads by language and platform, since our
> installs are already defined that way.  But I can also report
> per-country.  Is that interesting to anyone?  


 For example, in Canada,
> the most popular downloads are X, Y, Z.

Thanks, Rob.
Yes, the per country index was immensely desired, as it provided usually
positive feedback and thus encouragement to those who were a)
volunteering mirrors or effort or other things of immense value (first
borns?) to the cause, and b) it demonstrated to those funding these free
efforts the international value of their work, even though brand
awareness (ie, what server you use to get you the fee software) was

But those who managed the servers and did the immensely important work
of keeping things current... knowing where it was used was important.

I also found it important, as it helped me think of ways in which we
could manage the OOoCons without going through the easily-gamed system
we had relied upon.

Sorry for prolixity--


Louis Suárez-Potts, PhD
President, Age of Peers, Inc.

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