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From Hagar Delest <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL]: Apache OpenOffice Next-Gen logo...
Date Wed, 09 May 2012 21:13:35 GMT
Thanks for opening the discussion about that Michael.

But I don't like the proposal neither.
The square shape is old fashioned IMHO. The S curve "cuts" the icon and it reduces its visibility.
The orb with a more light blue brought a fresh look when it appeared with 3.2.1.
There was a clear problem with the file icons, I agree but they introduced a kind of visual
homogeneity for the whole suite identification.
The main problem was the lack of color to identify the application involved but it may be
rather easily improved.

LibO did a rather good job IMHO. Since their icons are with a triangle in the corner, why
not keep the orb to make it the distinguishing item?

Anyway, a wiki page for a contest is the best way.


Le Wed, 9 May 2012 06:34:05 +0200, Juergen Schmidt <> a écrit

> On Wednesday, 9. May 2012 at 04:52, Michael Acevedo wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have decided to move forward and give you an early preview of how I think
>> we should move for the logo of Apache OpenOffice 4 which I think is the
>> general consensus of the next major release of our project pending Apache
>> approval. The logos I am proposing are basically the same but there are a
>> few modifications to the current logo. Below is a description:
>> AOO Next Logo Changes:
>> - The AOO Next logo has a smaller spacing between the letters and
>> changes the word "Apache" to "APACHE" in caps (idea taken from Kevin
>> Gringon's proposal in the Wiki).
>> - The color of the "APACHE" word is now gray (idea taken from Kevin
>> Gringon's Proposal in the Wiki).
>> - Integration of the "AOO" initials (for one of the logo proposals).
>> - Retirement of the Orb logo and substituting it with a refined concept
>> of the previous OOo logo prior verson 3.2.1. I did this new icon in a
>> conservative manner and I think it will fit best the next release of AOO as
>> it will match with the post AOO 3.4 Application (Writer, Impress, Calc,
>> etc.) icons. The new logo makes a nod to the post-PC era when it comes to
>> how an application icon now looks in our devices.
>> - Keep some commonality with the current Orb Centric logo by keeping the
>> name of the suite with the current font that is being used for our site's
>> logo.
>> Without further waiting, I present to you my logo proposal for AOO 4.
>> Please follow this link:
>> Hope you like it and suggestions are welcomed. I would like to credit Kevin
>> Gringon for the changes in terms of font spacing in the word "OpenOffice"
>> and the "APACHE" word capitalization suggestions.
> You asked if we like it, I don't like it. It looks old fashioned to me and both elements
don't fit together. But I am no designer.
> We should really search for something new and fresh if we want to change it.
> A d that is from my pov not the old s-curve logo.
> Just my 2 ct
> Juergen
>> --
>> Best,
>> Michael

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