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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: Introduction
Date Wed, 09 May 2012 20:39:47 GMT
On 05/09/12 12:47, Giuseppe Castagno wrote:
> Ciao Pedro,
> sorry for the delay but I first had to build AOO, just to be 
> re-acquainted with it

No problem ... I've been rather busy on other stuff too :).

> On 05/01/2012 04:32 PM, Pedro Giffuni wrote:
> ...
>> I have a wishlist for that module:
>> 1 - We need to update SampleICC: the original version is just too
>> old and is not available online anymore. Maybe the SampleICC
>> developers may be interested in having the ICC profile as a
>> contributed sample.
> I think this is the current:
> It moved to 1.6.4, but I don't know if the color profile we need 
> changed, for this we need to have a look at the relevant PDF/A ISO 
> Norms (was ISO 19005-1:2005 plus ISO 19005-1:2005/Cor.1:2007(E)).
> A quick look at the ISO web tells me nothing changed wrt PDF/A-1[ab]
> That is: if the color profile didn't change I don't think there's a need
> to update it.

FreeBSD's LO port uses SampleICC 1.6.6. I think the library has had
some fixes but honestly I am not sure how relevant the changes are.
It's a matter of updating the tarball and re-adapting the patches
(easier said than done as I noticed in my attempt to update

>> 2- We don't really need to have the icc profile built every time and
>> we don't have the silly limitations imposed by the GPL so I
>> was thinking of moving the icc profile generation out of the build
>> (maybe to tools) and have the generated profile directly in vcl.
> I agree, though I'm not sure how to implement it ATM.

I think it's easy: we just go back to using the vcl header directly, like
you did originally (inc/vcl/sRGB-IEC61966-2.1.hxx), and we have the
external program overwrite the existing header .

This can wait though, I think step 3 is more interesting.

>> 3- It would be great if people could download and use the
>> Adobe profile as an alternative (the stax module gives a similar
>> option).
> mm, this can be changed, putting the color profile in configuration 
> and giving the possibility to add a new one in some way (adding 
> through an extension mechanism may be?), or do you have something else 
> in mind?

I was thinking about something really primitive with manual intervention
in the lines of main/stax/download/README_stax-1.2.0.jar

that is:

if a file called main/icc/download/ sRGB_IEC61966-2-1.icc exists,
it is used to generate the header, otherwise the free icc profile
is generated and used for the header.

This basically means that your create_sRGB_profile.cpp is split in two:
one part calculates the profile if needed, another dumps the header.

>> If you feel like working on any of that do let me know and I
>> will help review/commit it. Also, while not strictly mandatory,
>> you are welcome to submit an iCLA:
>> It's not as demanding as the previous SUN agreement but
>> it is important if you want to become a committer later on.
> submitted to the mail address show in the ICLA itself.



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