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From Oliver-Rainer Wittmann <>
Subject Re: Handling of pictures in Writer
Date Wed, 09 May 2012 12:16:57 GMT

On 08.05.2012 22:55, eric b wrote:
> Hi,
> Le 8 mai 12 à 13:12, Oliver-Rainer Wittmann a écrit :
>> Hi,
>>> That's a very good idea. As you probably read in the issue, I took over the
>>> task, and I'll use this wiki page to report any progress and step done.
>>> The idea is, as discussed with Oliver and Armin, to reuse some Draw features
>>> in Writer, like (image rotation). There is a lot to do and any help is welcome.
>> Armin's and my idea is mainly removing the Writer implementation for
>> images/pictures, introduce all its features missing in the Drawing Layer
>> implementation for images/pictures and use the Drawing Layer implementation
>> for images/pictures in Writer. Our idea is quite old, but we never got the
>> resources to work on it.
>> Unfortunately, all the work we had done in preparation is lost.
> Do you really have no direction to point to us ? e.g. some class name, or
> something like where in the code or whatever else who could help ?

I am sorry that I can not give some concrete code pointer.
For the stuff regarding extending the Drawing Layer implementation of images I 
am not the expert.
For the stuff in Writer, e.g. macro functionality for Writer images, I need to 
have a look into the code. I do not have the information at hand as was not 
involved in the implementation and the maintaince of these functionalities.

>> This lost work mainly covers something like you Regina had done. It summarized
>> all the features of the Writer implementation which are currently not
>> available in the Drawing Layer implementation. It also contained some planning
>> of the corresponding implementation. But, it is lost and needs to be done again.
> I'm not Regina, but my question is still valid : if I had some taks list, or
> some pointers in the code, it could reduce the time to search, and reinvent the
> wheel.
> Could you propose us some fast tasks list, or anything like a description ... or
> ... ?

I have to admit again that I do not have such a list of issues/tasks at hand. I 
even do not know, if certain issues/tasks exists.

I think the work which Regina started in the wiki is a good beginning.
If I would had time, I would look in the user interface (the format dialogs) of 
the Writer images in order to figure out what is possible here. Then I would 
compare it this the functionality of Drawing Layer images. I would write down, 
what is not possible or in a different way.
One example would be the border lines which are possible for Writer images which 
are not possible for Drawing Layer images.
Afterwards, I would had a deeper look into the ODF of Writer images and Drawing 
Layer images to find further stuff which is possible for Writer images and are 
not possible in Drawing Layer images. When I am remembering it correct there is 
also stuff which in Writer images and Drawing Layer images which are using the 
same ODF feature, but in some different way - e.g. border distance.
Based on a hopefully complete list of features missing at the Drawing Layer 
implementation from the point of view from the Writer implementation, I would 
look at the code details in order to figure out what needs to be implemented for 
the Drawing Layer images. Here Armin's expertise would come into the game.

Best regards, Oliver.

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