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From "O.Felka" <>
Subject Re: Testtool removal
Date Tue, 08 May 2012 09:25:08 GMT
Am 04.05.2012 16:51, schrieb Raphael Bircher:
> Hi at all
> I will take over the testtool removal, Just for Information and that no
> one other investegate time there. This will make the download size from
> Apache OpenOffice a bit smaller.

removing the testtool from AOO is ok for me.

> Question about the Testscripts. They are still in the source code. I
> propose to remove the directory testautomation from the source, make a
> zip of them and put them in the Archive. maybe we can use them to write
> new Tests.

As long as we don't have an alternative to testtool 
( we should keep 
the testscripts in the 3.x source tree.
I've made some regression tests on AOO 3.4 with the testtool and we 
shouldn't lose the ability for upcoming 3.x releases.

For AOO 4.x I hope we have a new test environment and hopefully some 
regression tests.


> What's your options
> Greetings Raphael

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