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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Who is Page Maintainer Now?
Date Sun, 06 May 2012 19:29:28 GMT
Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> I agree.  It looks like doing a reset and then rebuilding this
> structure in a way that is appropriate for Apache OpenOffice is the
> best way forward.

Probably; but in this case I'd wait a few weeks, possibly check with 
Trademarks what requirements we need to place on the distributors, then 
see who is distributing Apache OpenOffice 3.4 properly and remove the 
other ones. In any case, we already have some disclaimers in place so I 
wouldn't reset the page now (on the other hand, my initial position was 
similar to Drew's, i.e., zap everything by release time; I don't have 
strong preferences, but there's a lot of editing going on in the website 
currently and it seems the CMS does not allow to publish single files, 
so I'd postpone the cleanup until the release anyway).

> Andrea Pescetti has done some work on the page today.  I suggest
> consulting with him on a clean way forward.

What I did was:
- Remove the spam site as per original request:
- Notify Trademarks so that we can have advice:
- Remove spam/dead links, limited to Italy:
- Remove dead link reported by Fernando:

So I just took the obvious uncontroversial actions. The real issue is 
still to be examined, but I'd give priority to what is strictly relevant 
for the release.


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